Over on Facebook I have been complaining about walking in this rediculous heat - I just don't like to exercise - what about you?I'm sure that you know all the reasons why we should be exercising just like I do.  But doing it?  That's a different story.  (If you read my other blog, some of this will be familiar to you - hope you don't mind.)

Here are the top three reasons I don't like exercise:
#3 - SWEAT
I know some folks who barely sweat.
I am NOT one of them.  Not only do I sweat, my hands and feet swell and my face turns red.  Basically, I look like a very plump, very ripe tomato that has just been washed.
A photo of me looking this way does not accompany this paragraph!
#2 - PAIN
Whoever came up with the idea of "No pain, no gain" must have been a masochist. I mean, really, why does everything good for us have to be so painful?  I wear some of those funny shaped walking shoes that are supposed to make your butt look better (mine are by Fila and I really do love them tho not nearly as much as I love my Christian Loubotin high heels - but I digress) so when I'm done walking, my calves, thighs and padunkadunk all hurt.  While this means I might possibly be beginning to achieve my goals, I still don't like it.
#1 - TIME
This is the one thing I know we all agree on - there just is NOT enough TIME.   And exercise takes up a lot of it.
Nuf said.
Here are the top four reasons I do exercise (at least sporadically):
As I mentioned earlier, we all know WHY we should exercise. And this is it. Reduced risk of heart disease, alzheimers, cancer and even osteoporosis. And so much more. This should be enough of a motivating factor, especially now that I'm so old, but...NOT!!!
This is my favorite part about walking. My mind goes anywhere and everywhere. For instance, I composed this whole blog post about how much I hate to exercise while walking. (Now, this one does NOT work when I'm weight lifting. I have to count and all sorts of stuff that doesn't allow my mind to wander.  But let's be honest, I can't even FIND my weights these days.)
I will never be skinny again.  Thank goodness! I mean really, check out these knobby knees ~ they're awful!
but I do want to have fewer jiggles when I move and fewer rolls when I sit.
The number one reason I exercise when I do is cuz I LOVE TO EAT. Good food. Bad for you food. Fast food. (Unfortunately, I don't like veggies. And salad, as far as I'm concerned, is a START to a meal, not a meal. Unless it's full of meat & cheese & other fattening foods.)  When I exercise, I can eat more and not gain weight. ALRIGHT! This is more motivation to me than a longer life. I know. That is sooooo wrong, but I'm trying to be honest with you.
So there you have it.  Why I usually don't exercise like I should.  Why I do exercise when I do. 

What about you? How do you stay motivated?  Or do you?

Well, now that I've cooled off I can go get in the shower.
Then I can hop in the car, waste some fossil fuels by driving to the 7/Eleven and buy myself a Milky Way Midnight.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - that was worth the walk!

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