I'm Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt and I am
a wife
a mother
a daughter
an artist.
But that's not all. I've also
been a single mom
gotten divorced twice
worked a long time at jobs I hated.
You see, I'm "of a certain age" which is a nice, euphemistic way of saying I'm old but I don't want to admit I'm old, I get hot flashes but like to still think I'm still hot, and I have hopefully learned the lessons life taught me.

And so, I thought I'd start a blog where I could share some of what I've learned - especially things I wish I'd learned earlier - and hopefully entice others to share their knowledge here as well.

Maybe young women will flock here to learn from us (after all, we all took advantage of what our mothers had already learned and our daughters actually take the advice we offer - LOL!!)

But if not, we can still learn from each other ~ I know I haven't figured it all out yet, and maybe I never will.

And we can laugh at some of the ways we learned the lessons.

I want this blog to be very interactive so please
contact me
if you're younger and you would like to hear what we've learned about something in particular, if you have some words of wit or wisdom to share or if you just have a story about a lesson learned.

Thanks ~ Sherry