My 5 Top Beauty Tips

I doubt you woke up this morning thinking you didn't look your best so you better rush over to blogland to see what Sherry had to say.
But I did wake up this morning thinking about some things I've seen and some conversations I had this week and decided to pass along some advice, solicited or not.

So here are my top 5 beauty tips, in no particular order:
  1. Know that your value is NOT derived from your outward appearance but from your character.
    Practice the true beauty of love & kindness. 
    Have integrity.
    Remember your life is not just about you; you are here to  make this world better for the people you encounter everyday.
    Act beautiful.
  2. Know that you are beautiful.
    Even tho true beauty comes from within you need to remember that you are outwardly beautiful. 
    Stop listening to the bullies from middle school who now reside in your head. 
    Stop giving the cruel adult power over you now.
    You are beautiful. 
    Know it.
  3. Smile.  A lot.
    I mentioned this in my
    post about looking younger.  A smile covers a multitude of "flaws".
    Smiling has this funny cyclical thing going - you smile and you feel both happy & confident which makes you smile more.  And happy, confident people are attractive ~ others will be drawn to you in the hopes that your happiness will wear off on them too.
  4. Stand up straight!!!
    Okay, I could go on about this for hours!  It absolutely drives me nuts to see women all slouched over - stand up straight and your clothes fit better, your figure looks better and your back will thank you one day.
    And while I'm sounding like a Mom, pick up your feet when you walk!!
    (sorry to nag)
  5. Moisturizer with Sunscreen ~ face, neck & d├ęcolletage ~ everyday
    I don't mean just for anti-skin-cancer reasons, I mean for your looks.
    There are two great big things outside of you that work against you as you age ~ things we need if life is to survive on this planet but that take a great big toll on our appearance:
    gravity and the sun
    I haven't heard of an anti-gravity cream (please, please call me if you do) but there are anti-sun creams and your 50+ year old self will bless you for using them. I can't tell you how many times when I look in the mirror now I wish I'd used sunscreen when riding in the Miata with the top down.  You're going to have to take my word on this becuz photos will not be provided!!
Ladies, looks aren't everything.  Who you are to others is what matters.
But I know you care and there is nothing wrong with that.
And putting your prettiest self out there is easy and inexpensive when four of the five are decisions.

now if I could just figure out that anti-gravity cream . . .

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