Marriage 101 - part B

When I wrote my last post about marriage, I barely mentioned something really, really important ~ that
the hard work is so, so worth it.

In other words

I didn't want you to think that I was saying something negative.  We have to work hard at almost everything in life in order to be successful.  The most talented athlete in the world would still need to work hard.  And hopefully s/he loves the work ~ if not s/he loves the results and the rewards.

But I know that when I say work, you might think back to a job you hated.  But really did you hate working hard or did you hate the type of work or the jerks you worked for or the lack of appreciation or all the above? I've even had a few jobs where there wasn't enough work and they were too boring.
But I'm not talking about a job.
I'm talking about a marriage that we want to be special and meaningful.
I'm talking about putting in the effort to get what we want.
I'm talking about exchanging our time & energy for a good marriage.

And in addition to getting that good marriage, we'll learn to appreciate it becuz it cost us something (time & energy) and we'll learn to appreciate what our spouse has done becuz we see it cost him/her something as well.

You work hard at your marriage becuz you love and value it.
You value your marriage because you know the work it took.
That makes working hard a wonderful, cyclical thing.
I appreciate the comments I got to yesterday's post about what that hard work looks like and we'll talk more about it later.  So please keep letting me know what you think ~ it's so much fun to me to get your emails and comments. 
Thank you ~ Sherry

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