in the meantime...

Remember when summers were fun & relaxing?  You know, when we were ten? 
Sure isn't that way anymore, is it?

My summer has exploded into, well, for lack of a better word, lots of piles of dookie. 
Nothing bad is happening.  Just LOTS is happening.
And I know it's the same for most of you. 
Life is just so complicated and time consuming!! (I know, it's a shock!)

So there's been no time for blogging or much of the other stuff I want to play with.
BUT I haven't forgotten you!

Actually, I'm thinking about several posts and even have rough drafts of a few ~
something about leaving soul-sucking day jobs to pursue your passion; 
something about my kids;
something about parenting in general.
However, all the little piles are keeping me from organizing my thoughts enough to actually say what I want to say in a meaningful way.

So please know that I'm thinking of you and being quite thankful that you aren't in desperate need of any Sherry advice LOL.  I'm wondering if there's something you want to hear about or, even better as far as I'm concerned, if you'd care to share with me what's going on with your life. 

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