death BY taxes

Benjamin Franklin famously said "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."  But I think this year for my creative mojo, the outcome has been death BY taxes. 

I shared this about a week ago on my other blog, but felt I should share it here as well ~ after all I've been gone from here a long time too!  Not only did tax season wipe out my time, energy and creativity while I was working, I think it may have wiped it away for good!!!

Okay, okay, there have been glimpses of life ~ perhaps my creativity hasn't flatlined yet ~ an idea in the middle of the night, a stirring of the soul at the sight of something beautiful, actual success at my part of a group project.  But putting words together in a coherent fashion? NOT

So don't write me off yet ~ hopefully I'll have something profound to share soon.  Or at least something funny.

(LOL ~ write off ~ still talking tax lingo!)

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Mom said...

Sherry, I know you'll recoup soon from tax season. In the meantime pamper yourself and relax.

Looking forward to time with you later today. Happy Mother's Day to our beautiful daughter.